Founder Message

Fellow Indian Citizens,

We firmly believe that development of any society depend on its masses and so India. We are not to blame political leaders of India for her snail pace of development. As they are just reflection of conscience of masses. In fact, dozens of Chief Ministers and one Prime Minister can’t do anything beyond certain limit. For instance, India was divided when Gandhiji was alive, 2002 Gujarat riot happened when able Narendra Modi was CM. And in many cases towering personalities themselves involved in big scandals- bofors scam, fodder scam, commonwealth scam, 2G scam, disproportionate asset case against Jayalalitha.

Further in a vast country like India relying upon few individual leader will be costly as evident in 1962 (which was triggered by Nehru’s Forward policy) and again in unilateral declaration of emergency by Indira Gandhi in 1975. Despite their unparalleled contribution to build Modern India they proved sometimes wrong. Simply saying we want average contribution by masses than excellent performance by few heroic individuals.

Moreover, we also believe that pace of any change (good or bad) in the society is dependent on the number of masses involved. For instance, despite knowing that corruption is bad, it is still continuing because it is accepted as part of life by majority of society, the reason may be different. We are all waiting for someone who can change the society. But the reality is that India can be changed easily and quickly by the masses themselves alone, nobody else. Today may be the problem happened to someone, but definitely it will happen to us and fellow countrymen tomorrow or some other day.

So, we educate masses at grassroot level, why we should not silent on socio-economic-political problems? How does it affect our interests? How to fight it? If we want development then we (masses) must accept the pain of transition. By this way we strive to inculcate independent thought and rational thinking among masses to channelize their daily activities towards building strong, united and inclusive India transcending religious, linguistic, ethic and sectional diversities. Finally, if anyone ask me whether above said is possible, then I can say, yes. Because if a cowboy like me (fifteen years back) became a committed countryman, then why not you.

Jai Hind!

V.ManiKandan alias V.M.K

(An Indian citizen)