Investing in the Future of India

Namaste ! Welcome, I'm delighted to have you here. Whether you're new to the community or already a part of the "Voice for India Project" I hope you'll enjoy the site.​​
I love connecting with like-minded people and using my passion to make a difference.

Projects we are focusing on.

Team Voice For India

The vast majority of people believe the mendacities told by the international mainstream media and therefore will never set foot on Indian soil and will miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime and a cultural experience that could change the life of someone in one way or another. Together lets change this false narrative, along with India's news media inside job of fake news.

Team Mission

✔ Investing in a Brighter India
Debunking False Narrative against India
Exposing Propaganda by Media
Cow Protection & ​Cow Welfare
Providing Food & Clothes to the Needy

Team Contributions

If you have a story you will like to share with Team VFI, please send your story to our email and VFI will share your story on social media for folks to read. Please leave your name, email and social media sites so interested people can contact you if needed. Please share how you are contributing and making a difference in society.

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